We offer an array of products tailored to the needs of Letting Agents, Managing Agents and Landlords. Take a look below at what we can offer.

Deposit Replacement Warranties

The Deposit Replacement Warranty is a unique method of reducing the in-going cost to tenants at the outset of a tenancy.

Deposit Shortfall Warranties

An inexpensive and simple way to give your landlord some additional cover.

Rent Protection Warranties

Providing landlords with rent protection from day one, with no excess to pay.

Early Release Warranties

Minimising the cost to landlords in finding new tenants during an existing tenancy.

Eviction Warranties

Eliminate the stress and hassle in the event of a break down of a tenancy.

ASU Warranties

With the Warranty Hub’s ASU warranty a tenant can get the protection they need to help them through that difficult period.