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Welcome to the Warranty Hub

Why choose us and our products?

Cover up to 12 weeks rent

With deposit warranties, we can cover up to 12 weeks equivalent rent. This covers damage, breakage or loss, loss of rental income and even protection should the tenant abscond.

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Submit, review and track claims and warranties 24/7, 365 days a year through our excellent system - saving you hours of effort and paperwork. Sound too good to be true? Try it for free!

Claims settled within 10 days

There’s no long, drawn out process with The Warranty Hub. We settle 99% of claims within 10 working days. No quibbles, no fuss.

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Our Products

Deposit Replacement Warranties

The Deposit Replacement Warranty is a unique method of reducing the in-going cost to tenants at the outset of a tenancy.

Deposit Shortfall Warranties

An inexpensive and simple way to give your landlord some additional cover.

Rent Protection Warranties

Providing landlords with rent protection from day one, with no excess to pay.

Early Release Warranties

Minimising the cost to landlords in finding new tenants during an existing tenancy.

Eviction Warranties

Eliminate the stress and hassle in the event of a break down of a tenancy.

ASU Warranties

With the Warranty Hub's ASU warranty a tenant can get the protection they need to help them through that difficult period.

Our products benefit letting agents, landlords and tenants.
Read their thoughts on us below:

  • I have been using Deposit Approve for over a year to replace both the deposits I used to pay our Rent 2 Rent landlords and the deposits I took from tenants. The system is straightforward and easy to use. In fact I have just made my first claim and found the whole process to be fast and simple.

    After trying the service for myself I have been recommending to all our Multi-Let Cashflow System delegates, most of whom have gone on the use the service and they absolutely love it! Deposits are now sooo 1990's!!"

    Francis Dolley – Multi-Let Cashflow System

  • Having been a landlord for many years, I'm impressed with your products which are extremely flexible and easy to tailor to my needs. Your backup is also efficient and friendly. Although I've not yet made a claim, I'm confident that should I need to do so, it would be handled in the same way. I intend to use your company for every new tenant in the future. Many thanks.

    Julia – Rooms to Rent, Dorset.

  • I am writing to thank you for your excellent work to date. I have found the process so simple and easy to use that it has freed up a lot of my time in comparison to the Deposit Scheme we had previously used. What really helps is the fact that you send the tenants a letter before they vacate in order to remind them of their obligations and I do think that this jolts them into action so they can prepare the property to be handed back in the same condition they received it.


    Paul Kelly – Martin and Co. Banbury

  • We were having some success with our Rent Guarantee Scheme but needed that extra boost to get things really going to the next level. The Warranty Hub came to us, showed us their guarantee schemes and what was needed to be done and the results spoke for themselves (Over three months our business grew by 35%). It was almost immediate – over a few months – but in business that’s a really short time. The Warranty Hub has definitely made my clients happy and their range of products and form filling is so easy and straight forward to use, well done

    Checksearch Housing Limited

    Stephanie McEnaney – Checksearch Housing Limited

  • RedDoor Homes Ltd is an estate, letting and property management agent who have been working with Deposit Approve (The Warranty Hub) for around 18 months.The majority of our houses have both their deposit replacement warranty along with their rental warranty as we feel it is important to protect our customers where possible. It is extremely easy to use their online system to produce contracts and communicate direct with them. On the odd occasion a claim is needed, this can be submitted online also, the claim procedure is very user friendly and payment has been received on time.

    RedDoor Homes Limited

    RedDoor Homes Limited

  • I was always happy with the service provided to me by my previous Insurance based referencing agency but when invited to look at the products provided by The Warranty Hub I felt that this could possibly be more advantageous to both my Landlords and Tenants if the package worked. Well 18 months down the line I am finding that the Company is flexible and user friendly and incredibly supportive. The staff keeps me informed on applicant’s progress eliminating the need for the constant tiresome chasing; for the first time in eight years I have just encountered a tenant absconding – an Agents nightmare, but this has all been lessened by the continual support that I have received and my Landlord has received payment within 7 days. I am pleased that I took the risk of “trying the unknown” and my tenants and Landlords are most definitely benefiting from the range of products available to them. Thank you!

    Prestige Rental Properties Ltd

    Amanda Ziajka - Prestige Rental Properties Ltd

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