Eviction Warranty

The Warranty Hub, in association with Agent Assist, offer an eviction warranty that takes the stress out of taking legal action and covers the costs to ensure relatively trouble-free evictions when a tenant breaches the terms of their tenancy.

Now the Warranty Hub can save you all the worry and expense of eviction costs.

Unforeseen circumstances mean that even the best tenants can fall behind on their rent. For just a small fee you are already protected if you need to evict a tenant. The eviction warranty covers all the professional fees, costs and processes required in the eviction of anyone in your property without your permission.

How does it work?

The eviction warranty is purchased at the outset of the tenancy by the landlord. If a tenant breaches the terms of their tenancy the landlord notifies The Warranty Hub, if your claim is covered under the terms of the eviction warranty we will discuss with landlord the best course of action to begin the eviction process.

The Warranty Hub will keep you informed throughout the process until the claim reaches a satisfactory conclusion

What makes us different

  • All costs of eviction covered
  • Work carried out by qualified advocates
  • Quick simple claims process
  • One-off cost at the outset of tenancy


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