Early Release Warranty

People’s situations can change unexpectedly and without warning. With the risk of ill health, unemployment or a relationship breakdown, a tenant can find themselves stuck in a tenancy they can’t get out of. This is an uneasy time for landlords who stand to lose rental income or worse still their property becomes at risk from ill treatment by a frustrated tenant, in these cases it is better to end the tenancy contract and find a new tenant, but this is not cheap, especially if the tenant has only been in the property a few months.

With the Early Release Warranty, The Warranty Hub, will cover the cost of administration fees and referencing to find new tenants minimising the loss of income.

How it works

The Early Release Warranty is purchased by the tenant at the outset of the tenant period. If, during the course of the tenancy the tenant’s circumstances change, The Warranty Hub will cover the administration costs of finding a new tenant and therefore releasing the existing tenant from their responsibilities under the tenancy agreement.

What makes us different

  • Single payment made at the outset of tenancy (no renewal fees)
  • Warranty paid for by in-going tenant
  • No landlord excess
  • Settlement within 14 days of claim
  • Covers cost of agents fees and referencing
  • Additional revenue stream for letting agents


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