Deposit Replacement Warranty

The Deposit Replacement Warranty is a unique method of reducing the in-going cost to tenants at the outset of a tenancy. The warranty eliminates the need to register a deposit with any government approve deposit scheme. With a choice of a 4, 6, 8 or 12 week rent equivalent warranty, you can provide the landlord with more financial protection than a conventional deposit. The warranty is only purchased once at the outset of the tenancy, and remains in place until the end of the tenancy, whether that’s renewed or becomes a periodic tenancy.

The Deposit Replacement Warranty provides cover against dilapidation, rent arrears and even absconders making it the most versatile warranty on the market.

How it works

The Deposit Replacement Warranty is a one-off purchase at the outset of the tenancy and remains in force until the tenant vacates the property.

Upon checkout the landlord (or agent) can claim against dilapidations or loss of rent. Claims are settled by The Warranty Hub within 10 working days. The tenant is then pursued for any losses and costs incurred.

What makes us different

  • Single payment made at the outset of tenancy (no renewal fees)
  • Warranty paid for by in-going tenant
  • No landlord excess
  • Settlement within 14 days of claim
  • Warranties available in 4, 6, 8 and 12 Rent equivalent cover
  • Covers dilapidations, rent arrears and absconders
  • Additional revenue stream for letting agents



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