ASU Warranty

In this fast moving world situations can arise that have dramatic and unforeseen circumstances on someone’s situation Ill health, an accident or redundancy are the biggest influences on a tenants income without adequate savings this can quickly have an impact on their living conditions and their ability to meet their rental commitments.

With the Warranty Hub's ASU warranty a tenant can get the protection they need to help them through that difficult period.

How it works

The tenant purchases an ASU warranty at the outset of the tenancy period. They keep the warranty and it remains in force for the whole duration of the tenancy period.

When the tenant either becomes ill, has an accident or is made redundant they contact the Warranty Hub on the telephone number provided on the warranty. If they fulfil the criteria of the warranty we will set up arrangements to pay their rent until they either return to work or make arrangements for housing benefits.

Once the tenant has returned to work or made alternative arrangements to meet their liability, we negotiate an affordable repayment to The Warranty Hub from the tenant

What makes us different

  • Rent covered for duration of claim
  • No rent arrears
  • No excess
  • Simple and quick claims process


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